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“Wlossy is the backbone of my weight loss journey”- The Creator of Wlossy
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Wlossy is a weight loss workspace that includes introspective, informational, and motivational tools designed for a long term weight loss journey - 30 days or more.

  • Weight Loss Journal
  • Journey Generator
  • Weight Forecast
  • Calorie Suggestions
  • Caloric Bank
  • Self-Motivational Tools
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Have a place to write your thoughts down. Collect lessons learned, meals eaten, mistakes to avoid. Revisit and study your past days to make better decision now and in the future.

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Self-evaluate your daily key activities that will determine your chances of success.

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Retrain you mind to crave healthy food, think positively and believe in your success.

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Build healthy habits, keep organized and check off your daily accomplishments.

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Plan and execute your daily fitness goals.

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Get a marble for each pound lost. Lose one if you gain one back. Ouch!

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Wlossy founder: "I did it for my kid."

I was overweight my entire life but a few years ago I completely lost control over my eating habits and rapidly gained a lot of weight.

I knew that I must do something about it before it gets too late. We just had our little boy and I wanted him to have a healthy dad that can keep up with him.

I started intermittent fasting and calorie counting and it helped me to shed 60 pounds. But then the weight loss stopped and I gained almost half of what I lost. It was devastating. Since then I lost and gained over and over again.

By creating Wlossy I am attempting to build a place that will organize my weight loss journey into a smooth and predictable ride.

Currently, I am using it myself and find it very instrumental to stay on course.

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What is Wlossy?

Wlossy is a first weight loss journey dashboard built around your calorie daily intake. It included a multitude of predictive, motivational and accountability features that together keep you on track.

What to Expect When Starting With Wlossy?

When you hit the “Start My Journey” button after signing up, the system runs your current weight, age, and gender through multiple algorithms and generates an entire projection for the entire journey. You will be given access to your own dashboard where you will find all of the data relevant to your journey: numbers of days to target, weight loss forecast, caloric intake suggestion.

Can I Pause My Wlossy Journey?

No. Once you started your journey it’s full speed ahead - no stops. But if you feel like you want to start again, you can reset your journey. In the case of the reset, you will start from day one again. Let's do everything to avoid it. All of your Photos, Meals, To-Do list and other customization will be transferred to your new journey.

What kind of diet I can do with Wlossy?

As long as you are in a caloric deficit you can choose any diet that is most agreeable with you. I recommend some time of intermittent fasting to accelerate the effects of your diet. Be it low carb, high carb, Keto or another diet, a caloric deficit is always the key.

How to Sign Up for Wlossy?

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